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Who We Are

We are a young company with immense experience. This paradox is easily solved. We are a bunch of experienced people who have got together to form a young and dynamic organization to cater to the analytical instrumentation requirement for research and Quality Control. We have worked from the simplest spectroscope to huge electron microscopes.

We understand the concerns and needs of a researcher. The need to choose, order, install and run an equipment is not a easy task for you. We would like to make it simple.




We provide systems that are best in class, we take care of your order to shipment anxiety, we are eager and efficient to install and lastly you will find us extremely cooperative in after sales support.

We encourage youngsters, even freshers, to join our company. They get an opportunity to learn the ropes. We involve them in discussions and decisions to help them understand the market dynamics and customer expectations. We have an open environment and views or news are exchanged in friendly yet professional manner. We respect our customers but also our competitors. We learn from our mistakes and provide optimum solution to every situation. With us, you will find the difference between satisfaction and glee.