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Are you looking for solutions to some mechanical testing issues? A good way to discover how Biomomentum could help you is to browse through our solutions section; Each tab (Materials, Test Configurations and Case Studies) describes what type of solutions we could offer you.

We have a solution for almost every testing issue you might have - and if we do not have the solution, we customise a solution that really fits your needs. We have solutions for different kinds of biomaterials and tissues (shapes, sizes & thickness vary) & different test configurations to help you achieve your study's objectives.

We have selected a few casestudies to demonstrate you our expertise and knowledge on testing different materials in different test configurations under different conditions. They could inspire you for your own study We're proud of the unlimited solutions we can offer combining our products & services. Our custom solutions suit our customers unique needs and specific goals. In doubt, put us to the test and ask us is we have a solution for your testing issue.

Refer: https://www.biomomentum.com/case-studies/

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